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Usborne Book Fairs
"Commercial-Free" Book Fair for your School, Company or Organization


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"We received many positive responses about the high quality of your merchandise. We would definitely like to see you return again. We also appreciated your outstanding customer service and professional presentation. The bright colors and neat appearance of your display definitely attracted attention. Thank you again for such an enjoyable event!"
~ L. White,
University Hospitals Of Cleveland, Ohio

Usborne Books & More BOOK FAIRS:
Simple, easy, successful!

Usborne Book Fairs generate FREE books or cash for your school, corporation or organization. The Book Fair display is like a mini bookstore, with a large selection of beautiful, colorful Usborne books for a variety of ages and interests.

What organizations can benefit from an Usborne Book Fair?

Early Learning Centers
Speech and Hearing Centers
Non-profit organizations

An Usborne Book Fair promotes literacy and the love of reading while raising funds, books, or a combination of both!


What sets us apart from other Book Fair companies?

  • Usborne books are of the highest quality – you can see and feel the difference in our books, with sturdy bindings and durable, acid-free pages.

  • We are a COMMERCIAL-FREE Book Fair - our books do not have TV or movie tie-ins!

  • Our Book Fairs feature BOOKS - plus educational activity kits and card packs. No toys, no trinkets, no video games.

  • You can have a Book Fair with a minimum amount of work. WE set up and break down the display – other companies simply “drop off” and “pick up” the books.

  • We accept Visa, Mastercard and Discover cards (along with cash and personal checks).

  • We offer unique fiction and excellent non-fiction books that children love, including Internet-linked titles.

  • Our program is flexible to suit the needs of your organization.

    We offer fabulous, free books or cash for having a Book Fair:

    Free Books
    With a minimum of $200, you can choose the "Free Books" option based on the following:

    Total SalesAmount In Free Books
    $500 or more 50% of sales
    $200 - $49925% of sales

    Do You Prefer Cash?

    With a minimum of $750, you can choose a cash option in place of the free books based on the following:

    Total SalesAmount In CASH
    $3,000 + 25% cash
    $2,000 - $2,99920% cash
    $750 - $1,999 15% cash

    An Usborne Book Fair is a FUN event – our goal is to get these books into the hands of as many children as possible, and to help YOUR school or organization earn much-needed books and/or funds!

    If you are located in the state of OHIO and are interested in having an Usborne Book Fair to benefit your school, company or organization, please fill out the following form and I will personally contact you with more information.

    If you are OUTSIDE Ohio, please click here to find an Usborne Books consultant in your area. Thank you!



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    If you are interested in more information about an Usborne Book Fair, the fastest way to receive information is by submitting the request form. If you live OUTSIDE Ohio, please Click here to contact a consultant that is local to you elsewhere in the United States. Otherwise, please call the Usborne Books & More corporate office at 1-800-611-1655. Thank you!

    This website is designed and operated by Cheryl Simon, Usborne Books Independent Educational Consultant and Team Leader in N.E. Ohio. Page last updated 10/13/14