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Becoming a Consultant - FAQs

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You probably have many questions about Usborne Books & More and how the business works. The following information is here to answer your questions and help you understand what an Usborne Books home business is all about, and how it could be a good match for you.

Please feel free to email me at with your specific questions!

What is Usborne Books & More? (UBAM)and what does a Consultant do?
Usborne Books & More (UBAM) is the network marketing division of the Educational Development Corporation. We are a member of the Direct Selling Association, are publicly traded on NASDAQ, and are a debt-free company.

Consultants may sell Usborne books via home shows, Facebook parties (online parties), direct sales, catalog shows, book fairs, fundraisers, community events, craft shows, web sales, and more. Usborne Books & More Consultants may also work with Schools and Libraries after additional training.

How much will it cost me to get started?
You start your business by ordering a starter kit - we have two great business kits to choose from. Click here to see kit details.

Each kit comes with a variety of books for different ages and interests, plus full and mini catalogs and other helpful starter supplies.

I've never sold anything before. Can I still be successful?
Absolutely. The special features and benefits to children help make Usborne Books easy to sell. People love these books - you're simply sharing information about them!

What about quotas? What are my obligations?
With UBAM, there are no monthly or quarterly quotas. If you go through non-selling periods, you don't lose your consultant benefits.

How much money can I make doing this?
Selling Usborne Books is a great way to generate additional income and contribute to your family in a significant way. The earning potential with UBAM is unlimited!

The Usborne Books & More Compensation Program:

You earn commission (discounts) on every product you sell at retail or buy for personal use and samples.

  • Home Shows, eShows and Facebook Parties: 25% commission
  • Web Sales: 25% commission
  • Book Fairs/Fundraisers: 17% or more commission
  • School & Library Sales: 17-20% commission
  • CASH Sales Bonuses
    Earn monthly cash sales bonuses according to your total sales each month for home party sales, web sales, direct sales, and sales to schools & libraries (book fair sales are not eligible):

  • Sell $1,000.00 or more in retail sales and receive a 4% cash sales bonus that month!
  • Example:
    A home show of $400 in retail sales would give you $100 in profit (25%). Using that example, four home shows a month would give you $400. Our commissions are paid weekly (by Direct Deposit) every Wednesday.

    In addition to your commission and sales bonuses,decide to promote to Team Leader and receive 8.5% more on your personal sales and the sales of your team.


    Are there too many consultants in my area?
    There are less than 14,000 active Usborne consultants in the entire country. Other direct sale companies have 100,000 - 800,000 consultants or more. Now is the time to join Usborne Books & More.

    Can I accept credit cards?
    Yes. And unlike other companies, UBAM provides this service for you. You don't have to become a merchant or pay a fee!

    Do I have to pay for the books that my Hostess gets for free?
    No - the company pays for your hostess' rewards of free books.

    Will I need to buy an inventory of books?
    No. Your starter kit comes with an assortment of best-selling titles in a good range of ages and interests. You will use these books to show people the quality and special features, then they will order from the catalog. The company will ship the product directly to the hostess, and she distributes the product to her guests. Consultants can build up a personal collection of books, by ordering at a discount or by hosting their own shows and earning the hostess free books. You can also earn free and highly discounted books through the "Write Your Own Success Story" program!

    What is the "Write Your Own Success Story" program?
    It's an incredible program to reward you with free and highly discounted books AND cash bonuses during your first 12 weeks of business (your "training incentive period"):

    By Day 30

    Reward Earned

    Sell $1,000 retail

    1/2 Kit Cost Refund

    Sell $2,000 retail

    FULL Kit Cost Refund

    In Your First 12 Weeks:

    Reward Earned

    Sell $1,000 retail
    You are a "Success Bound"

    Earn Success Kit #1**

    Sell $2,000
    + have 1 recruit

    Earn Success Kit #2**

    Sell $3,250
    + have 2 recruits

    $100 in FREE product

    $4,500 retail
    + have 2 recruits

    $50 CASH Bonus!

    ** Success Kits will include books and supply items valued at $50 that will enhance your business

    Download a copy of the "Write Your Own Success Story" program

    In addition to the "Write Your Own Success Story" rewards, you can also earn prizes and recognition, cash bonuses, promotions, and travel contests - all while promoting literacy and education!

    What about Support and Training?
    With UBAM, you are in business for yourself, but not by yourself :) Whether you are local to me or long-distance, you can achieve personal success! With our Usborne Books & More team, we offer:

  • A detailed consultant handbook that comes in your starter kit, as well as many other promotional tools

  • Exclusive team-wide training events (2nd and 4th Mondays)twice a month with information, videos, selling ideas, scripts, and much more (always optional, never required)

  • A comprehensive online "Consultants Only" resource center for all UBAM Consultants, including a huge training section, downloadable documents, and other useful business tools.

  • A large team video library of "how-to's" (via You Tube or Vimeo)

  • Access to our total group's exclusive "Rockin' Readers" Facebook page, which has TONS of great training plus videos, images, documents and printable flyers.

  • Weekly Consultant Update emails with business tips and ideas, company news, and team promotions/incentives.

  • The UBAM National Convention is held each summer, a great opportunity for training, networking and fantastic workshops to help build your business
  • How do I get started?
    Getting started is easy. First, select your starter kit: Choose from our Large Business Kit or the Mini Business Kit

    Sign up ONLINE OR
    Sign up by phone by calling 216-533-4488

    Feel free to mail me at right away so I can answer any questions and we can get you started!

    I look forward to hearing from you!
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