Selling with Usborne Books & More
A flexible, home-based income opportunity
selling award-winning children's books

Become an Usborne Books & More Consultant:

Earn money while working a flexible schedule
Develop an incredible home library of books
Promote the love of reading and learning
No sales quotas and no inventory required

Whether you're looking for something to do part-time, full-time, or just "some of the time," or, you'd simply like to get these great books at a discount for your family, Usborne Books & More can fit your needs.

Usborne books are a high-quality, one-of-a-kind product...a product you can be proud to represent!

Usborne Books & More consultants have many marketing options to choose from, including:

    Home parties
    Facebook parties
    Direct orders
    Website sales
    Community events
    Book Fairs
    School & Library *
    Reach For The Stars
    50% Matching Grant

Earn Income, Build a Huge Home Library and
Promote Literacy: Join Usborne Books & More!
Two starter kits to choose from...both include
books, supplies and your own website

Mini Starter Kit:

~ $75 + tax -- shipping is included!
~ 10 best-selling books - $100 + value!
~ Starter business supplies
~ A 6 month e-Business package that includes a shopping website!

Books in Mini Kit:
Bear Grylls Survival Camp (H) - $12.99
That's Not My Unicorn (BD) - $9.99
Baby's Very First (BD) - $7.99
Computers & Coding (H) - $14.99
Fold and Fly (FL) - $7.99
Picture Book-Kane Miller (H) - $12.99
Picture Book-Kane Miller (H) - $12.99
Picture Book-M. Nelson-Schmidt (P) - $6.99
Puzzle Book - (P) $5.99
Wipe Clean Book (P) - $7.99

selling Usborne books

SUPPLIES included in both kits:
Usborne Books and Kane Miller Complete Catalogs Pk/5
Usborne Books and Kane Miller Mini Catalogs Pk/20
Usborne Book Party Host Guides Pk/10
Customer Order Forms (pk of 50)
Consultant Guide Sturdy Branded Box w/lid

Training Included:
Usborne Books & More Consultant Guide
Consultant-Only Online Dashboard and Back Office
Access to our award-winning Team's private, password-protected training website AND our team's closed Facebook Group (includes graphics, training videos, documents, files, scripts and more!)

Technology Tools Included:
OrderPro: Online order-entry software -
makes submitting orders EASY

A secure online shopping website!
See demo here

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Large New Consultant Starter Kit:

~ $125 + tax -- shipping is included!
~ 20 best-selling books - $280 + value!
~ Starter business supplies
~ A 6 month e-Business package that includes a shopping website!

Books in Large Starter Kit:
Bear Grylls Survival Camp (H) - 12.99
That's Not My Unicorn (BD) - $9.99
Little Bear Needs Glasses (BD)- $12.99
Baby's Very First (BD) - $7.99
Beginners (H) - $4.99
Computers & Coding (H) - $14.99
EJ 12 Girl Hero (P) - $5.99
Fold and Fly (FL) - $7.99
Muddle and Match (BD) - $8.99
Phonics Readers Story Book (H) - $14.99
Picture Book - Janeen Brian (H) - $11.99
Picture Book-Kane Miller (H) - $12.99
Picture Book-Kane Miller (H) - $12.99
Picture Book-M. Nelson-Schmidt (P) - $6.99
Puzzle Book - (P) $5.99
Wipe Clean Book (P) - $7.99

home business selling books

Your starter kit will come in a colorful "branded box" - perfect for carrying your books!

usborne books free books


sell children's books  As part of the nationwide, award-winning "Dream Team," you'll receive training and ongoing help with your business. You'll also get access to our private Facebook group: As a Rockin' Readers member, you'll be added to this "team-only" group...a FANTASTIC resource! Files, documents, images/graphics...ask questions, find answers, share ideas and much more! - Free...but priceless :)

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  Frequently asked questions about becoming an Usborne Books Consultant

  Usborne Books & More: a WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity

  Read my Usborne Books & More story

It's a GREAT time to join Usborne Books & More!

One of the best parts of my business is helping others achieve their own success - let me share with you some of the reasons why others are joining our Usborne team:

  • Affordable starter kit, with best-selling titles, supplies and a website

    Our Home Office, EDC Publishing, was recognized by Forbes Magazine as one of America's 200 Best Small Companies.

    Also, Wealth Builder Magazine has named Usborne Books & More a "proven direct selling opportunity!

  • Excellent commissions and bonuses
  • No monthly or quarterly sales quotas for consultants
  • No inventory to stock
  • Set your own schedule - you decide when to work
  • Make new friendships
  • Promote literacy in your area
  • Unlimited income potential
  • Team & company recognition and rewards
  • Travel contests
  • Training and ongoing support to assist you in achieving your level of success
  • Usborne Books & More provides the perfect home business opportunity - flexible, family-friendly, financially rewarding...and FUN.

    You'll get the help you need to succeed - Training and support all Simon "Dream Team" consultants receive:

  • Email and video training
  • Access to exclusive documents, flyers, graphics and MORE!
  • Twice a month in-depth, all-team trainings on every Usborne Book & More topic! (always optional, never required)
  • Access to our team private, password-protected training website and our exclusive Facebook group
  • Ongoing support through email, Facebook Messenger and phone

    In addition, all Usborne Books & More consultants have 24/7 access to our comprehensive online Consultant "Back Office" resource site, that includes a HUGE training section, downloadable images and documents, and other helpful business tools

    Getting started is easy

    1) Decide between the big Business Kit or the Mini Business Kit (details above)

    2) Order your kit ONLINE  OR

    Order your kit by phone - call me at 216-533-4488

    3) No additional cost for shipping - shipping is included!

    Questions?  Please email me at or call 216-533-4488


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