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Usborne Books & More presents
Reach For The Stars!
The Reading Incentive program that helps students discover
the joy of reading
while raising books or cash for your school!

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reading incentive fundraiser

Usborne's pledge-based reading incentive program returns 100% back to the school in Usborne Books, cash - or a combination of both!

What is the goal of the program?
The goal of Reach for the Stars is for children to read - or be read to - for 300 minutes over a two week period of time.

Who can participate?
This program is designed to benefit any organizational group, such as schools, individual classrooms, clubs, preschools, church groups, home school groups, charities, and public libraries.

How does the program work?
Parents and children ask friends, family, people they know (NO door-to-door) to sponsor their reading time by pledging a flat amount.

How do the kids benefit?
They develop the important habit of daily reading and receive Usborne books and other prizes for participating. The Reach For The Stars program helps children discover the joy of reading and gives them the opportunity to choose their very own high quality Usborne books to keep!

How can your school benefit?
Reach for the Stars has a flexible option to meet your needs - books for the library and classrooms, cash for your school budget, or a combination of both. 100% of the pledges collected are returned to the students and school in books or cash.

The program is easy, and easily adjusted to fit your needs!

 See sample parent letter explaining Reach For The Stars

 See sample student prize flyer

 See sample Sponsor sheet

If you are located in the N.E. Ohio area and are interested in the Reach For The Stars reading incentive program, please fill out and submit the following form and I will personally contact you with more information.

If you are OUTSIDE of N.E. Ohio, please check the appropriate box in the form below and I will have a consultant in your area get in touch with you! Thank you!










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If you are interested in more information about Usborne's Reach For The Stars program, the fastest way to receive information is by submitting the request form. If you live OUTSIDE Ohio, please allow 2-3 days for a reply, as I will need to locate a consultant that is local to you. Otherwise, please call the Usborne corporate office at 1-800-611-1655. Thank you!

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