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You may have found this website by doing a search for selling children's books or sell kid's books from home. Or maybe you saw "Good Morning America's" recent segment on starting a direct sales book business...If so, you have found the right place for information on a rewarding home business with Usborne Books & More!

A home business selling Usborne Children's Books is a WIN-WIN-WIN opportunity:

1) You win because the business starter kit is so affordable, you can earn back the cost of your kit very quickly. By becoming an Usborne Books & More Consultant, you get the benefits of earning extra income and you get a lifetime discount on Usborne Books! Additionally, it's very rewarding helping parents and teachers find books that will entertain, educate and inspire children

2) Your customers win because you're sharing with them the best educational children's books available! Also, new consultants can offer each hostess DOUBLE FREE books for hosting a show with you during your first 12 weeks of your business! We have book fair and fundraising programs that give lots of free books and even cash to schools and other organizations. AND...

3) Kids win big-time when they have these wonderful books in their lives.

And even if you're not looking to build a business, Usborne is a great part-time activity to meet new people, have fun and promote literacy in your home and community - while getting a discount on the books to build your family library.

I've been selling Usborne Books for over 15 years, and I love it. I really enjoy helping people grow their own businesses with Usborne and earn real family-support income.

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One of the most exciting things about the Usborne Books & More business opportunity is its flexibility and limitless opportunity. You are only constrained by your own time, goals and desires. There are so many ways to reach families - you can easily find many markets in which you will feel comfortable representing this outstanding line of books!

So if you're wondering where you would sell Usborne Books, read through the following list and find the options that would best suit you!

  • Home Shows (Home Parties)
    Home shows are an excellent way to reach many families at one time, while helping the hostess build her personal home library. A typical show consists of a brief introduction of the books as well as selected features. You highlight the books you like, leaving lots of time for customers to browse the books you bring as well as the Usborne catalog. Home shows are easy and profitable!

  • Mother's Groups
    There are many groups designed to help support mothers and families which are full of people who love good books for their children. Examples include local play groups, babysitting co-ops, organizations like Mothers of Preschoolers (MOPS), Mothers of Twins, La Leche, etc.

  • Craft and Holiday Fairs and Festivals / Community Days
    Throughout the year, there are many opportunities to show off our wonderful Usborne Books. Childrens festivals, holiday fairs, craft shows, community days are just a few examples. These are not only an opportunity for sales, but they are also a great way to get leads for home shows and others who would like to sell books.

  • Company and Club Book fairs and/or Fundraisers
    Companies and clubs can contribute to their community by hosting book fairs for their employees and donating the free products or cash to local schools or charities of their choice.

  • Homeschool meetings, Conventions and Curriculum Fairs
    Homeschoolers love our books. They are always on the lookout for creative educational materials.

  • Catalog Shows and Direct Sales
    Anyone collecting more than $85 in retail sales is eligible for the benefits of hosting a home show. Some people may want to collect orders instead of having a presentation in their home. People can also place a "direct sale" order with you at anytime, for any amount.

  • Preschools and Daycares
    Preschools and Daycares can get up to 50% of their sales in free books by having a book fair. Parents enjoy the convenience and their children benefit at home and school. Our EZ Book Fair program for preschools allows you to take orders using wish lists with the children - no need for you to stock an inventory of books.

  • Online Store Shopping Cart Website
    The company makes available to all consultants an "online store" website service that has a full online catalog and secure shopping cart. Your starter kit comes with a 6-month website - after that, it is renewable for just $50 per year! The website is a great business tool and allows you to set up e-shows and e-book fairs.

    Even More Opportunities with Schools and Libraries
    If you decide to become a certified Educational Consultant with Usborne, you can contact:

  • Schools
    Educators are great fans of Usborne Books and are excited when a consultant brings them samples to preview. Most schools have a specific budget to get new books by Purchase Order.

  • PTAs and PTOs
    Parent organizations will often sponsor the school Book Fair or sometimes make outright purchases for the school. They are also excited about our Reach for the Stars read-a-thon fundraiser.

  • Public Libraries
    Usborne books also are available in high quality library bindings.


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